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5-30-19 — 2019 Parent Survey Results Help District Leaders

May 30, 2019 ~ Gathering feedback and input from parents is vital to the district’s vision of Students Prepared for Their Future. The annual District Parent Survey helps Olathe Public Schools’ leaders understand and build for the future.

The parent survey, distributed in February, included questions that corresponded with national surveys, asked about satisfaction with the Board of Education, and touched on the parent's relationship with individual schools. More than 2,300 parents answered the survey.

Of the parents surveyed, 93 percent said they are satisfied with the Olathe Public Schools. More than 94 percent said they get the information they need from the Olathe Public Schools. Other key findings include:

  • 95 percent of parents (all three levels) said school staff treat parents with respect
  • 92 percent said the district compares well with neighboring school districts
  • 92 percent said the district maintains its facilities and grounds
  • 89 percent said the district has up-to-date technology

Looking for ways to make improvements to meet the needs of families is important in the district. District staff saw declines in understanding about district finances and will be working on a communication plan for the 2019-20 school year to help address this.