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Friday, January 17th Morning Show

*  Rock and ROAR kiddos with a focus on positivity!  YEAH for so many examples of "the glass is half full."

*  Randy Nadler in FLEX at 1:15ish and then 2:15ish

*  Smoothie Kingers will slip out some time today, thanks for your flexibility

* Monday = NO SCHOOL as America celebrate Civil Rights Day and the work of MLK.  Share an interesting fact with me in the hallway if you do research!

*  Tuesday when we come back is Regional Math Wings AND conference notes go home!

*  Mr. G. ROCKS Dodge Ball Night!  That dude comes up with new stuff for us each year!  THANKS to all 5th grade and the teachers that attended!  Check out Instagram for coverage!

*  Gotcha Chairs:  Parker, Cruz, ???? in VanHoose

*  Joke:  What does a goat use when it's camping?  A sheeping bag!