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5-19-22 — Counselors Thank Volunteers for Careers on Wheels

May 19, 2022 ~ More than 1,000 fourth graders headed to College Boulevard Activity Center for Careers on Wheels. This is a chance for students to explore 30 different career options by talking to local business leaders, students from the 21st Century Academies, and other community members.

"We always want to create a space where kids can dream and get excited about their futures,” Counseling & College and Career Readiness Coordinator Alicia Jackson said. “We also feel it is important to highlight the value of all careers and provide our students with an eclectic mix of professions to complement that approach.”

Each group rotated from one station to another where they learned about fire trucks, ranching, medical pathways, construction, engineering, the police department, plowing snow, among other things. The parking lot was full of equipment and vehicles that these careers utilize. Students listened intently as volunteers told them about what education or training is required for that career, the skills and traits needed to do the job, and what a typical day on the job might involve. Some of those volunteers included high school students.

"The high school students do a phenomenal job with our fourth graders and are always excited when they finish the day,” Jackson said. “There is a level of pride in the high school students when they talk about their experiences and how the fourth graders can get involved in the future. In return, the fourth graders love learning from the high school students and all the opportunities they have in the not-so-distant future. The full circle moment is a special one as it highlights the importance we all play in the development of our kids and community.”

After rotating to each station, students walked away with a better idea of what makes the community operate on a daily basis. From the city workers to the medical workers, they learned the adults in their lives are all working for their fellow community members.