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1-11-19 — Board Learns about ACT and ACT WorkKeys

Jan. 11, 2019 ~ Members of the Olathe Board of Education met Jan. 10, and were presented information about the ACT college entrance exam and ACT WorkKeys, its career-ready exam, from Director of Assessment and Research Rich Wilson.

Nearly three-quarters of Olathe high school students take the ACT each year, and they routinely score above state and national averages. During the past two years, students at the Olathe Advanced Technical Center have also taken the ACT WorkKeys career-ready exam. In late February, juniors and seniors will have the opportunity to take one or both of these exams in their home school. About 2,000 Olathe students have signed up to take at least one exam.


  • The Olathe Noon Lions Club, a community partner of the district, was thanked for providing funding for student eye exams and glasses. Each year the club provides a free community health fair and a scholarship for all give Olathe high schools.
  • LuAnn Fox, a teacher at Olathe Northwest High School, was named the Outstanding High School ELA Educator by the Kansas Association of Teachers of English.
  • Evan Kappelman, Cora Miller and Nolan Ralph, all of Olathe East High School, have been named to the National Association for Music Education’s 2018 All-National Honor Ensemble.
  • Greg Thomason was recognized for his 22 years as construction manager for the district prior to retiring in December.
  • The board members were recognized for their commitment and service to the district as part of Board Appreciation Month.

In other business, the board:

  • Approved the consent agenda including meeting minutes, reports, student trips, a joint meeting with City of Olathe representatives on Feb. 21, Head Start policies and procedures, Portrait of a Graduate competencies, and elementary math resource textbooks.
  • Approved the district fee-for-service Medicaid provider for approximately 1,500 students who are Medicaid eligible.
  • Approved the purchase of support and maintenance for the district’s financial management and human resources management software. (general fund)
  • Approved the purchase of upgrading the district’s network traffic manager and load balancer. (general fund)
  • Approved the purchase of furniture and equipment for the music program at Canyon Creek Elementary School, opening in August. (capital outlay)
  • Approved the purchase of license renewal for the district’s virtual machine software. (general fund)
  • Approved the purchase of new lawn maintenance equipment to replace aging machines. (capital outlay)
  • Approved the purchase of new switches for the district’s data center to replace aging equipment. (2016 Bond)
  • Approved the purchase of support for the district’s storage of local files. (general fund)
  • Approved a reimbursement to KidsTLC for repairs made to a driveway the district shares for access to Claire Learning Center.
  • Approved the legislative committee authority to finalize language of the 2019 legislative session platform, based upon the priorities presented and discussed at January’s meeting.
  • Received information about several future action items including end-of-year special meeting, student trips, imaging software, bids for desktop computers, proposals for cash receipting and online payments, district track repairs, and the purchase of textbooks.
  • The board held executive sessions to discuss confidential student information. They returned to the meeting and denied a variance request to board policy. Board members held a second session to consult with an attorney.

The complete agenda and supporting documents are available on the BoardDocs website.