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2-7-20 — AP Spanish Cultural Experience Brings Students Together

Feb. 7, 2020 ~ A summer idea came to fruition in January with the completion of the district’s first annual Advanced Placement Spanish Cultural Event. The five AP Spanish teachers brainstormed a way to bring together all AP Spanish students from across the district and immerse them in Spanish culture.

“Everyone was on board and excited,” Olathe Northwest High School AP Spanish teacher Annie Winkler said. “We all took different jobs and put our idea into action.”

To be eligible for AP Spanish, students must be in their fifth year of Spanish class meaning high school seniors would have had to start learning the language in eighth grade.

“We wanted to celebrate the fact these students have been committed to studying Spanish for five years,” Winkler said. “By creating a day and immersing them in culture and language, they connected with other students and listened to presentations all in Spanish.” 

After learning about Spanish dances, receiving information about traveling abroad and listening to guest speakers, students were treated to a traditional Spanish meal from La Bodega.

Post-event coursework will tie lessons together after learning from the experience.

“The AP Spanish teachers did an outstanding job collaborating together to bring both culture and language to all their students,” Olathe Public Schools Coordinator for ELL and World Languages Michael Flenthrope said. “The activities and guest speakers were dynamic and engaging for all. We are already looking forward to the next time students from multiple schools can come together to learn from and with one other.”