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1-26-23 — Special Week Highlights Healthy School Lunches

Jan. 26, 2023 ~ Research shows children are getting their healthiest meals at school. The fun and creative Kansas School Lunch Week (Jan. 23-27) theme — Peace, Love and School Lunch — highlights the importance of a healthy school lunch to a student’s success in and out of the classroom.

“School lunches offer students fruits and vegetables, whole grains and milk, and meet federal nutrition standards limiting fat, calories and sodium,” said Scott Kingery, director of Food Services. “Kansas School Lunch Week helps us celebrate all the wonderful benefits of our lunch program.”

Next Monday’s menu at all schools will highlight Kansas-grown apples. Middle and high schools will serve Kansas hydroponic-grown lettuce that day.

Many of the Food Services teams decorated their school cafeterias with tie-dyed items, peace signs, 1960’s lingo like “groovy” or dressed in costume to celebrate the Peace, Love and School Lunch theme. A friendly decorating competition between the Food Service teams will result in one team having bragging rights for a year.

The federally funded National School Lunch Program has been fueling students for success for 75 years. To become part of the team of individuals who help provide these important meals each school day, see the Olathe Food Service job opportunities online.