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8-3-22 — District Expands Mental Health Programs for Students

Aug. 3, 2022 ~ Mental health programs in the Olathe Public Schools are being expanded this year to ensure the well-being and success of all students. The district is partnering with many community-based therapists who will provide mental health services for students during the school day.

“We believe that providing space in our building for a therapeutic practice to offer services to our students will make it easier for many parents to schedule appointments that minimize loss of class time,” said Director of Mental Health Angie Salava. “This is an optional opportunity based on a confidential parent referral and requires fully informed parental consent prior to beginning any services.”

Key Elements:

  • All referrals are confidential.
  • Fees are paid directly to the providers.
  • Some providers accept insurance plans.
  • Financial assistance will be available; no student will be refused support based on a family’s ability to pay.
  • School counselors and administrators have information on scholarships offered by the Olathe Public Schools Foundation Braden Robertson Fund.