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4-2-21 — April 2021 Board Meeting Review

April 2, 2021 ~ The Olathe Public Schools Board of Education met April 1 to hear two presentations and act on a variety of issues.

2021 Graduation Ceremonies

Assistant Superintendent for High School Education Clint Albers updated the board on plans for outdoor graduation ceremonies to be held May 14-16 at College Boulevard Activity Center. Graduation ceremonies will be held outdoors with the contingent plan moving ceremonies to May 17-19 rather than indoors. All guests will need a ticket to enter and ceremonies will be livestreamed for those who cannot attend.

Olathe Virtual School Update

Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services Brent Yeager gave an update on Olathe Virtual School. The website and enrollment survey went live April 1. The website details processes and steps moving forward.

Supporting Students with Dyslexia

English Language Arts Coordinators Kim Dahl and Linda Boxberger gave an update on the district’s work with dyslexia students and related topics supporting structured literacy. The district built a foundation of support with a LiNK grant and is now making other adjustments to meet expectations from the Kansas State Department of Education.

In other business, the board:

  • Approved a consent agenda including meeting minutes; financial and accounts payable reports; human resources report; a student trip; transportation safety variances; curriculum resources and materials for middle school reading; Virtual School curriculum content; Olathe Head Start continuation grant and supplemental cost of living grant; the assurances section of the IDEA VI-B application; and various appointments or designations for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.
  • Approved a memorandum of understanding with Spring Hill USD 230 providing access for their students to participate in programs at the Olathe Advanced Technical Center.
  • Approved the purchase of choral risers for Olathe South High School. (capital outlay)
  • Accepted casework fabrication and installation proposals for the 2021 aging facilities projects taking place this summer. (2016 Bond)
  • Approved the purchase of Microsoft Surface Go 2 tablets to replace desktop computers for some staff across the district. (2016 Bond)
  • Approved the purchase of replacement HP workstations and laptop computers for some staff and in CAD labs across the district. (2016 Bond)
  • Approved a special board meeting / training meeting with incoming superintendent Brent Yeager and representatives of the Kansas Association of School Boards at 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 7.
  • Approved the recommended student fees, miscellaneous charges and facility rental, complex fees for the 2021-22 school year. Instructional materials for early childhood disability classrooms, special education therapies, elementary, middle and high school would increase, as would driver’s education, breakfast and lunch prices. Facility usage and complex fees would not change.
  • Received information about future action items including Kansas Association of School Boards appointments, instructional materials for middle school career and technical education courses, curriculum revisions for Future Educators Academy and Sports Medicine Academy, audit services, choral risers at three elementary schools, renewal of the Raptor visitor management system, Seesaw classroom management software, audio system at Olathe North High School, and new textbook resource for three math classes.
  • Received the Head Start director’s monthly written report.
  • Received written information about attendance of the February parent-teacher conference. Average parent participation was 94 percent at the elementary level, 57 percent at the middle school level, and 88 percent at the high school level.
  • Held an executive session to discuss non-elected personnel.

The complete agenda is available by visiting the BoardDocs website.