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10-11-18 — Big 3 Strengthens District's Best Practices

Oct. 11, 2018 ~ As educators across the country collaborate more frequently on Twitter, educational best practices are available at the touch of a button. Those who follow Olathe Public Schools on social media may have noticed several posts regarding “#Big3.” While the three areas are not new to the Olathe district, its new presentation has been viral.

Big 3 logo Standards-Based Instruction — a student-centered focus on teaching and curricular design rooted in content standards not rooted in resources

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) — a group of educators who meet regularly to share expertise and work collaboratively and interdependently to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of all students

Student Engagement — the degree of attention, curiosity, interest, optimism and passion that students show when they are learning which extends to the level of motivation they have to learn and progress in their education and academic achievement

“Our exceptional staff has been challenged to strengthen our foundational best practices,” Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services Brent Yeager said. “These areas have a strong research backing with very strong correlation to student achievement. If these areas are foundationally strong in our system, they become the vehicle for new ideas and changing the way we educate students.”

To further support the initiative, a new training opportunity was created. The School Improvement Leadership Network will offer specific training around the #Big3 to not only administrators, but to teacher leaders who are a part of each school’s existing Building Leadership Team. Additional training opportunities will be held in the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019.

Follow along with the #Big3 and engage with the district on social media @olatheschools.