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9-6-18 — Careers on Wheels Brings Speakers to Fourth-Graders

Sept. 6, 2018 ~ More than 1,100 fourth-graders will have a unique experience Sept. 12 at the district’s first Careers on Wheels event at the Olathe District Activities Center. They will have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of career choices by talking to representatives from nearly 30 area businesses and seeing the equipment or vehicles these careers use on a daily basis.

Careers on Wheels logo The focus of Careers on Wheels is an experiental way for students to learn about careers from adults. From the visual aspects of a fire truck and ambulance, to the interesting stories these professionals have to share, students will be immersed in exploring careers. They will learn what education or training is required for that career, the skills and traits needed to do the job, and what a typical day on the job might involve.

Rotating through the huge parking lot and talking with a different presenter each five minutes, students will go away from the Careers on Wheels with a wealth of knowledge and possibly some give-aways from the participating companies. Prior to the event, teachers will remind students of proper behavior such as raising their hand, listening respectfully to speakers, and thanking the presenters. Back in their schools, students will have an opportunity to reflect on the experience and talk about what they learned, careers that interested them, and possible goals for their future.

This is the first event this school year, and involves schools east of I-35. A spring event is planned for schools west of I-35. If the event is cancelled due to weather, it will not be rescheduled.