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5-31-18 — Leadership Summit Offers Planning for Coming School Year

May 31, 2018 ~ On the first week after classes of the 2017-18 school year ended, Olathe staff members were back at work preparing for the next school year. The 2018 Leadership Summit was held May 29 at Olathe West High School. Over 650 attendees spent the day engaged for the benefit of students and public education.

Four periods of symposium education sessions were held during the morning. These sessions allowed for collaboration and professional development as educators from across the district shared topics and listened to presentations over best practices across industry and education. Educators and individuals representing industry highlighted the 26 sessions that will be used in reaching students in any grade level and better preparing them for their future.

The afternoon was reserved for individual breakout sessions for each school, discussing how they can better reach their students in the coming school year.

“Leadership Summit is truly my favorite day of the year! It is a day in which our teacher leaders and administrators assemble as both individual buildings and as a district team to celebrate the accomplishments of the current school year while at the same time begin planning for the school year which lies ahead,” Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Jessica Dain said. “We begin the day with professional enrichment opportunities which guide building leadership teams as they work together to review their student academic and social-emotional data, identify areas of strengths and opportunities for growth, and then write their long-range school improvement and professional development plans for the upcoming school year. This work ensures teachers have clarity on district and building expectations which are focused on student success, well-being, and academic achievement.”