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4-9-18 — Mural Brightens Day for Ill Students at Prairie Trail

April 9, 2018 ~ Some bright paint, beautiful flowers, and smiley faces now grace the formerly white wall of the nurse’s office at Prairie Trail Middle School. The new uplifting surrounds are a gift from Katherine Gardner’s Art 3 middle school students to anyone who has to visit the nurse’s office.

The idea for the relaxing and welcoming mural came from school nurse Julie Anselmi.

“I want the atmosphere in the health room to feel like home when a student has to spend a long time there waiting for a parent or has a health need that keeps them in my room,” she said. “I felt this design was something a student would want on their wall at home.”

A few months ago, Anselmi asked Prairie Trail art teachers if some of their students could paint a mural on the wall students see if they’re laying down in the health room.

“The only guidance I gave the students was the colors and that I wanted smiley faces,” Anselmi said. “The wall was white before it was painted, with only posters on it.”

After approval from the principal, Gardner chose her 11-student Art 3 class to work on the mural. Each student submitted a design to Anselmi.

“Each of the students designed one flower and made a template to include on the wall,” Anselmi said. “I selected two designs and they combined the two to paint my wall.

“I’m sure this will make students who aren’t feeling well feel better.”