Assessments & Certifications

Why do we have to report certifications earned by students to KSDE?

  • As a condition for Kansas to receive Perkins funding to strengthen CTE pathways, there are core indicator percentages that Kansas school districts and KSDE must meet or exceed in a federal report each year. This data is collected in Pathways at the end of each school year. One of the core indicators involves the Industry Recognized Certifications (IRC) data (K-PAC Report) where we report the students in our district who have earned a credential during the school year. This data is figured into each school's postsecondary success measure. As a school district, we are REQUIRED as part of state mandated reporting to submit a list of ALL students who have completed and passed certifications in a CTE related field.

How to Report Student Certifications

  • MANDATORY State Reporting (High School Only). Please complete as students earn credential.

    • 1st semester Deadline: December 15
    • 2nd semester Deadline: May 10


    NOTE: Precision Exams DO NOT need to be reported using this form as they are end of course assessments and not on the KSDE K-PAC list.

    Information teachers will need before accessing the Certifications form:

    • Student First & Last Name
    • Student DOB
    • Student Olathe ID #
    • Home school student attends (if out of district – please use actual school - e.g. BV North)
    • Grade level when certification was earned
    • Name & 4-digit code of the certification test (reference spreadsheet link:
      • NOTE: KSDE no longer requires copies of the student certification. 

    Click this link to submit all student certifications using the Certifications Form.

    Questions? Please contact Barbra Gonzales, CTE Coordinator.