eAcademy Student Instructions

  • Welcome to Summer eAcademy!

    You are on a hidden page in the eAcademy website. Below are your instructions that will take you to the startup pages, which then take you to the Orientation. Follow step by step, reading in sequence through the information exactly as it is given and you won't get lost.

Here's What to Do

  • May 29 is the start date for eAcademy Orientation. Orientation is required, not optional. Students who do not complete the Orientation will be removed from the eAcademy program. Please complete the Orientation BEFORE midnight June 2. If you are unable to meet that deadline, you must contact Mr Warner and ask for more time to avoid being removed from the eAcademy program.

    Monday June 3 is the start date for your online course, and your required course Zoom meeting with your teacher.

    PE and Health Instructions:

    • PE students should have picked up their Polar monitor and should have it set up and a practice workout completed and uploaded before the summer session start date and the course Zoom meetings.
    • Students taking only Health and no other courses do NOT complete the Orientation in the next step. You will receive an EMAIL with your Edgenuity login information and additional instructions.
    • Students taking both PE and Health will complete this orientation, and follow the instructions in their email for Health.

    Here are the steps to complete the required Orientation, online, on your own (except Health):

    1. Continue reading this page of instructions. At the bottom you will click a link to the startup information which is back out on the public side of the website.
    2. After reading the startup information, you will click on the correct button (A) Information For eAcademy Students to continue. Read that page and watch a 35-minute startup video. (You’ll have to write down a URL that is only found in the video.)
    3. You will then use the URL (given in the video) to continue to the Orientation. This part takes one to two hours.
    4. The last page of the Orientation will ask you to log in to Moodle (where your eAcademy course is found) to take a short quiz demonstrating that you completed the Orientation.

    And that's it; it's all in order step by step and if you can follow written instructions you can't get lost.

    Zoom Class Meetings - All Students:

    • June 3 all students will need to attend a required Zoom class meeting on the first day of class with your instructor at 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm, or the additional scheduled time(s). If you have more than one class, please attend one Zoom at 6:00 pm and the other at another time it's offered. If you miss the Zoom meeting, you will need to contact your instructor to ask what options there are for makeup. Do not contact Mr Warner. Your instructor’s information can be found in your Moodle course.
    • Links for all class Zoom meeting days and times are on a single page. Click here for Zoom links (See the schedule; a couple of meetings have a date or time change.)
    • Parents are encouraged and welcome to sit with their student and listen in on the Zoom meeting. However, parents should not Zoom in as a participant in any course Zoom meetings.
    • This is your only notice about the startup meetings. Please put a reminder in your phone so you don't miss your meeting.


    The online startup and Orientation are very detailed and contain all the information you need to get started in your course. Your success depends on your ability to read and follow written instructions – a fundamental skill that is crucial to being an online student. We wish you luck and a great semester!

    Now click this link to read the startup information and then continue on to the orientation.


Parent Notes

  • Parents,

    We encourage parents to review the startup web pages and watch the startup information video, just as students do.  That would give you access to the Orientation pages which are also important, but more directed at students. Here are some other hints:

    • Teachers will have Zoom meetings with students. Parents are welcome to sit with their students during these meetings and listen in, but parents should not Zoom in as participants. Only the course startup Zoom meeting is required. Subsequent course Zooms will be for student reviews, question sessions, discussions, etc, but optional.
    • There are no live lectures or classroom hours.
    • Courses are graded and there is a timeline of due dates published in each course. Students may work offline and do not have to be in Moodle every day. Students may work ahead.
    • Students should self-advocate and make contacts with their instructor and eAcademy and not ask parents to email on their behalf. Students are encouraged to CC their parents in emails. Certainly, parents can email the instructor or eAcademy with sensitive or confidential information or questions as needed.
    • We have created a page of expectations for parents. Click here to see that page