CTE Professional Development

  • Welcome to the CTE Teacher Professional Development page. Great teachers understand the need to develop a network for support, resources and collaborative planning. They reach beyond their classroom walls to connect with educators who share their interests, job roles, and challenge their beliefs and ideas.

Out of District PD

  • There are a great number of professional development opportunities available outside our district. We encourage teachers to take advantage of participating in these learning extensions to keep current on industry trends and skills.

    Please note the following requirements, expectations, timelines, and procedures for all Out-of-District PD requests: 

    1. All requests must align with District, Building, or Perkins goals. 
    2. All participants must be prepared to share their new learning with the District.  
    3. Travel outside of the District will likely not be approved due to COVID restrictions. Typically, only online or virtual out-of-district activities will be considered for approval. 
    4. Activities requiring a substitute will not be approved, due to limitations related to COVID. 
    5. Submit all requests requiring district support (such as paying for registration costs or attending during your contract time) using the CERT: Out-of-Dist Prof Act form in Frontline Professional Growth. (Want to receive points for attending an activity that does not require district support? See information about Action Plan Support).
    6. NOTE: Perkins funding may be available to support professional development opportunities. Contact the Olathe CTE Office to inquire. Click HERE for CTE Procedures for Out of District Requests.