Orientation Introduction

  • Introduction

    You are on a hidden section of the eAcademy website (meaning it's not on a menu anywhere; you have to be given the link to get here).  These pages provide the orientation information you need to prepare for success in your online eAcademy course. It is very important that you know and follow the procedures of our program. You will use the menu on the left to access the pages of information and a few documents.  Start at the top and click your way down through. Upon completion of the orientation you will take a QUIZ in Moodle to demonstrate your understanding. 

    Here are some of the things that will show up on the quiz:

    • Where are the announcements located in your course?
    • Where is your instructor’s contact information located?
    • What applications will be used for communication?
    • Where can you find the course syllabus and due dates?
    • Where is technical help found on the eAcademy website?
    • How do you turn in assignments to your instructor?
    • What file naming protocol is required on assignment documents?
    • Where will you find your course grades and instructor feedback?
    • What is the definition of plagiarism and the policy for infractions?
    • What is the policy for late work?
    • What policies are covered in the Code of Student Conduct?
    • What is the Probationary Review?

    Working Independently

    There's something you need to be aware of regarding online courses....  Since there is no teacher standing at the front of the room giving you instructions, everything you need to know is therefore provided in writing. If you will read and follow instructions, all the details are there and you should have very few questions. Remember... read!

    A Hint For Working With Document Downloads

    NEVER just click on a link to a document and let it open. ALWAYS right-click and choose Save As... or Save Target.. (depends on your browser) and save the document to your desktop or a flash drive. Then open the document from the place you saved it so that it will open in the proper application.

Required Software (Free)

  • Office Software

    As indicated in this orientation and on the eAcademy website, Office software is required and must be provided by the student. Generally every course will use Word. Students may also need PowerPoint to view or create PowerPoint presentations. The Computer Applications Course requires the full Office 365 suite. In all courses, documents submitted in the wrong format will not be graded; it is your responsibility to send them in the correct format.

    Olathe students may now download Office 365 on up to five home devices for FREE!  There are no monthly or annual fees, the license does not expire after a fixed period of time, and the software is a full local install (not cloud-based) so you can use the software when your computer is offline away from Internet access. Click this link to see the school district page on downloading Office software.

    Assignments will be accepted ONLY in Microsoft Office format. If you are using an Apple computer you CANNOT send assignments in iWorks (Pages, Numbers) format.

    Adobe Reader

    Every course will include Adobe PDF documents that will be downloaded and read. The Adobe Reader should be installed on your computer to do this. It is available free at Adobe.com.  Click this link to go to Adobe.com and access downloads.


  • You are now ready to go on to the next button on the left menu.