Elementary School Meal Information


    School breakfast and lunch will be served free of charge to all students and other children in the community ages 1-18 through the end of school year 2020-21.

    In-person Instruction - Elementary


    Food Services staff will now be serving all food. There will not be any student self-service with shared utensils.

    Milk and juice will continue to be self-served as in the past since the cartons can be selected by a student without touching other cartons. The beverage self-serve process will have adult supervision.

    Silverware packets and condiments will be placed on the student's meal tray by staff.

    Return trips for second servings of fruits and vegetables will no longer be allowed. Share Tables have been discontinued.


    There will continue to be the three styles of breakfast service in our elementary schools when students are in the school building: Traditional, Grab & Go, and Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC). There will be no shared utensils for Traditional and Grab & Go as has always been the case. BIC will be modified so the food components of the breakfast will be bagged together for students to self-serve as they do the juice and milk.

    Carryout Meals

    Beginning Jan. 6, elementary, middle and high school carryout meals will all be distributed from all 10 middle schools Monday through Friday each week. One breakfast and one lunch will be handed out Monday through Thursday. The Friday distribution will contain three breakfast and lunches to cover Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Elementary students have the option to pick up a two-day meal pack on Friday that will contain a meal for Saturday and Sunday.

    Beginning March 5, we will be suspending weekend carryout meals until we better understand our capability to store and pack those additional meals along with the increased participation for in-school meals at the middle schools.

    Carryout Meal Pick up Time:

    11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

    Meal Carryout Location Guide