Course Delivery

  • eAcademy uses Moodle, a web-based course management system, to deliver course content. Courses are designed by Olathe teachers and maintained by the instructors of the various courses. Courses are aligned with the Board adopted Olathe Public Schools’ traditional classroom curriculum and contain content that has been modified for electronic instruction. eAcademy may also integrate online course content provided by textbook companies and other curriculum vendors.

    Students are expected to provide their own computer, Internet access, and Microsoft Office software, and must have the ability to download files from the Internet and install software on their computer. Being able to manage computer software such as keeping your browser updated, controlling firewalls, turning off popup blockers, etc. is required.

    Office software is required - Particularly Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Computer Applications covers all four office applications, so Access is also required for this course. File management skills are crucial so students who are not proficient with computer management, and unskilled in handling and managing files in a structured file system may struggle with organization.

    Students are required to use student (school) Gmail accounts for all correspondence with eAcademy instructors and eAcademy staff and must be able to send and receive attachments. Generally, all courses offered through eAcademy will run on a standard desktop or laptop computer, and in multiple browsers. They will not run on mobile devices such as an iPad or phone. Installing plugins such as Java or Flash may be necessary.