Parking Lot Guidelines

  • RP Parking Lot Guidelines  2019/20

    RP Families,

    Thanks for your patience, flexibility and attention to student safety with the RP parking lot and our drop off and dismissal routines!  With six buses delivering 120 students and a total population of nearly 400 students, safety for everyone is a priority. 

    Helpful Tips/Guidelines…

    • The bus lane (closest to the school’s front doors)  is for  buses and daycare vans only.
    • Enter RP via the “curvy driveway” off Greenwood Street or entrance at the end of 133rd street on the southwest side of school. 
    • The ONLY exit from the parking lot exits onto 133rd You may exit left or right.  Please note the EXIT ONLY and STOP signs posted there. Two way traffic on 133rd demands this!
    • Parking is permitted (on the north side of 133rd) between 3:00-4:30 (on school days) to accommodate dismissal.
    • If any student or adult needs to cross Greenwood Street, please use one of the TWO crossing guards posted. Always use the crossing lanes, the yellow striped areas, to cross.
    • Drop Off and Drive Through Lanes - Please do not park and leave your vehicle while in either of these lanes. Both lanes are designed for continuous flow.  If you need to come inside school, please use a designated parking spot.
    • When dropping off students in the drop off/drive through lanes, please park in front or behind the yellow crosswalk areas. They are designed for pedestrian crossing. Always pull forward to accommodate cars behind you.  Dropping off for before/after school care on the south side of the building?  Please pull up as far as you can if you need to walk your child to JCPRD.  This accommodates the other cars dropping off students that enter through the kindergarten doors.
    • The school “curvy” driveway must be accessible for buses, please be by the curbside of the driveway so buses can pass and enter the bus lane.

    Thanks for Remembering…

    • The weather may be challenging, but these procedures continue to be in place!
    • Cell phone usage during high traffic times is risky!
    • Everyone’s in a hurry – you’re not alone. Safety for children must be a priority.
    • By 3:55, the parking lot is cleared. That’s nearly 400 students safely delivered in 15 minutes.  Our system does work!
    • Encourage siblings to have a “meeting place” and to be ready to load the bus or carpool home.
    • Please follow traffic regulations AND school personnel who may ask you to accommodate during heavy traffic flow situations.
    • Flexibility and patience…lifeskills for everyone!






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