Things to Know about RP

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    Regency Place

    Home of the Lions!

    What does one need to know about Regency Place? This packet is designed to help answer some “frequently asked questions” and give you important information about your new school.  We welcome you to Regency Place!

    Important Phone Numbers:

    School: 913-780-7620

    Nurse: 913-780-7626

    Web Site:

    Mission Statement:

    Take Risks, Take Action, Take Pride, JUST DO IT!

    Morning Drop Off/Dismissal Procedures – see attached map for procedures with morning drop off and afternoon pick-up. SAFETY FIRST! The lane closest to school is reserved for BUSES ONLY. Staff on duty will direct traffic and cross students to cars parked in the lot. Generally, after 2 weeks of re-learning and practice, the parking lot is a well-oiled machine! The south exit is exit only. Please do not drive/enter the parking lot through this exit. (It’s clearly marked with a stop sign and reminder.)

    Parent VUE – an app and website that is used districtwide for parents to check student’s grades, schedules, assignments and health records in one place. Parents are given an activation key by the school and will be able to login to Parent VUE at any time throughout the year. The website is: Parents are also required to login and review the district required forms for their child and acceptable use policies. Parent VUE is used during online enrollment for families returning to Olathe Public Schools in the fall.

    School Events

    Teacher Assignments– your child’s teacher information will be released on ParentVUE the weekend prior of school starting. You will need to logon to ParentVUE to see the information. This will let you know which teacher they will have for the coming school year. Class lists are also posted on the front windows – this year on 8/12/19 @ 6:00 p.m.

    Sneak A Peek Night – The 2019 Sneak-A-Peek Night is 8/12 @ 6:00. This is the time for each student and their family to visit their classroom, meet their teacher and place school supplies in their desk. PTO will have a table with committee and spirit wear information. Mr. O will have student “parting gifts” on the playground, too! Parents, be sure to visit your child’s classroom as there will be a “parting gift” for you on their desk – from Mr. O. This year’s event features food trucks so come at any time to eat supper!

    Back to School Night – a night for parents to come to school, get information from the classroom teacher. Parents will learn about classroom expectations, curriculum, and grade level activities. The 2019 date is 8/20 @ 7:00. TWO identical sessions are held: 7:00 – 7:25 and 7:35 to 8:00 allowing parents to hear multiple grade level presentations.

    Lion Stampede – Regency Place’s ANNUAL fundraiser, sponsored by the PTO, is the first Friday in May. Students will bring home a packet with a pledge sheet and can speak to family members or neighbors about pledging a donation for the Stampede. Different activities are planned for students according to collected pledge amounts. Different activities throughout the year (Gum Day, Jug Challenge, Chipotle Night, Peppermint Stick Challenge) support the Stampede and are on the monthly calendar sent home.The May date culminates with a 1 or 2 mile run, dinner, carnival games, and raffles. Pledge money is used by the PTO to pay for multiple activities throughout the school year. Some examples are class field trips, playground equipment, technology, and special projects.

    Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences – conferences are held twice a year for all students, in October and February. The October conferences are for parents only while the February conferences are student led.

    Book Fair – Regency Place’s book fair takes place in October and coincides with parent teacher conferences. Stop in the library to purchase Scholastic books and other items for your students. A portion of the sales comes back to the RP library and is used to purchase new books.

    Halloween Costume Parade – the day of the Halloween party (10/31) at the school, students line up with their class and form a parade through the school parking lot and back to their classroom. This is an opportunity for parents to see all students in their costumes and take plenty of pictures. All grades will change into their costumes prior to the parade. Classroom parties are held after the parade.

    Jingle Jam – is an all school sing-a-long that happens PRIOR to holiday parties in December (12/20.) Staff members are part of the Jingle Jam Band and provide the music. Costume themed contest for staff and a performance by the Jingle Jam Dancers is included!

    Rock and Roar – an honor to be selected, every class chooses one student a week to visit with Mr. O. in honor of their model behavior. Certificates and recognition follow. Students follow the ROAR principles and are celebrated. Check out the weekly honorees on Instagram (regencyplacelions).

    ROAR – R (Respect self, others, and environment) O (Own your behavior) A (Always do your personal best) R (Remember safety) “Roar” serves as our school-wide rules and expectations. Every classroom has ROAR proudly posted!

    Gotcha Slips – can be earned by students for following the ROAR principles. Students can save their Gotchas and then use them to purchase Gotcha Wheel spins or various activities. One of those activities may be a trip to Smoothie King or Orange Leaf with Principal Oborny. Permission slips will be sent home in advance before students travel with Mr. O. in his car.

    Community Service Projects – Every grade level at RP has their own community service project. It may be collecting a specific item, helping an agency, or learning about how to make the community a better place. PTO facilitates grade level projects. Parent volunteers are often needed.

    PTO and Site Council – meet monthly in the library at RP. PTO is the parent group, with the Executive Board consisting of the committee heads for each of the 11 committees. Officers are elected in May. TWO general PTO meetings are held in September and May. Executive board meetings are open to all every month. Site Council is a representational group that meets every other month. (All meetings are on the master calendar.) Site Council advises on district initiatives and gets a “state of the school” report from Mr. Oborny. Simply contact Principal Oborny if you wish to join RP Site Council.

    ELL Program – provides additional English instruction to identified students. Students from Bentwood, Heatherstone, Pleasant Ridge and Walnut Grove attend the ELL program at RP. Students receive an hour of intensive language arts instruction daily, in addition to their grade level curriculum in the classroom.

    Recess Time – Students will have outdoor recess when temperatures or the heat index are below 95 degrees and the temperature and wind chill is above 20 degrees.

    Passive Fundraising

    Box Tops – General Mills Box Tops are collected at Regency Place in the classroom. Money received from the Box Tops goes to the PTO general fund and is used for multiple events at school. There are two collections throughout the year (fall and spring) and the class that brings in the most Box Tops for each collection wins a prize. A list of participating products can be found at Each classroom has a boxtop container.

    Amazon Smile –Amazon purchases can be made through Amazon Smile and a portion of the purchase comes back to RP. You will need to designate Regency Place. Visit the website for details.

    Major Saver Cards – a districtwide fund raiser that Regency Place participates in each year. Students are given information and an order form to sell the Major Savor Cards to friends and family members. A small portion of the sales comes back to Regency Place while the majority of the funds go to the Olathe Public Schools Foundation to help support classroom grants, summer school scholarships and Educator Excellence Awards.

    Restaurant Nights – may pop up on the monthly calendar. Various restaurants in the area often offer a percentage of sales BACK to the school as a fundraiser opportunity. So, RP advertises the designated night and sends lots of communication home. These nights are totally optional. The $$ earned goes into the PTO operating budget and contributes to the many PTO/school initiatives.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Classroom Volunteers – are often found at RP and are a great support. Grade levels and classrooms have procedures for volunteer and helping in the classroom. Ask your classroom teacher for details.

    RP PTO – has 11 committees that need volunteers. Find a committee that meets your interests. Meet RP families and become involved with the many ways RP PTO supports our school.


    Running Club – a club for students in grades 3-5 that meets on Mondays after school through October and then in April in preparation for Lion Stampede. Flyers are sent home to assist with planning. Running Club ends at 4:30 p.m.

    4th Grade Art Club – meets on Wednesdays (with a fall session and a spring session). The club is facilitated by the RP art teacher. If more than 25 students are interested in each session, a lottery format is used for membership. Students participate in ONE of the sessions. An informational flyer comes home with fourth-graders after school starts in August.

    Sports Club – is a club facilitated by the RP PE teacher. Grades 2-5 meet on Mondays after school and work on cardio fitness. A schedule for the year is sent home in advance. Each grade meets for FOUR weeks. Sports Club concludes at 4:30. Sports Club begins AFTER running club is over in October.

    Math Wings – a club open to fourth- and fifth-graders who have demonstrated success in math and wish to experience the rewarding world of math. The club meets weekly and prepares for regional and district competitions. A placement test in the fall determines eligibility.

    Special Chorus – open to 4th and 5th grade students, this club meets during the school day and performs at even various events and on field trips. Two concerts (holiday and spring) showcase their music and talent.

    Jingle Jam Dancers – open to students in 2ndt  through 5th grade. Students meet before school during November and December and prepare a dance, which is then performed at Jingle Jam BEFORE the Jingle Jam Band performs and the all-school sing-a-long.

    Battle of the Books – open to 4th and 5th graders as they read various books in a book club format. Challenges between teams happen at the end of the year after clubs have met throughout the year to prepare for the competition.


    How do I purchase Spirit Wear? Spirit wear is available for purchase at many functions throughout the year such as Back to School Night and Sneak-A-Peek. Reminders will come home about deadlines and ordering procedures. Throughout the year there will be “Spirit Day” on the monthly calendar. Students are encouraged to wear their RP spirit wear!

    What do I need to do to visit the school for lunch with my student or to volunteer in the classroom? All visitors are required to push a buzzer to communicate with the school office staff, show a valid government issued ID and state the nature of their business before being allowed to enter the building. This procedure is in place EVERY time you visit RP.

    What is the cancellation policy due to inclement weather? If school is cancelled due to snow or bad weather, the information will be available in these ways: district website – , the RP Facebook page – go to “Olathe District Schools”, the District information line – 780-8000, local television and radio stations. It is the District’s policy NOT to dismiss students early due to bad weather because of safety issues. Sometimes a late dismissal cannot be avoided – in these instances, the students will be kept at school until the District feels it is safe to release the students.

    How much does a school lunch cost if I’d like to purchase one to eat with my child when I visit? Prices are currently set at $2.70 for a student lunch and $3.75 for an adult lunch. Milk or juice is priced at $.55. Grab and go breakfast is available for students ($1.3) from 8:00 – 8:15.

    Does Regency Place have a Facebook/Instagram Page? Yes! Like us on Facebook at Regency Place Elementary. Reminders are posted to this page about upcoming events at the school. Find RP on Instagram under regencyplacelions.

    Does Regency Place have a website? Yes! to find the monthly newsletter, information on the RP staff, upcoming events, calendars, photos and much, more.

    Can my student(s) ride the bus to school? Free bus service is available to students living 2.5 miles or more from school. Students living less than 2.5 miles from school may pay to ride the bus on a space available basis, if an existing bus route is available in their area. Contact the bus company, First Student, at 782-1050 for information.

    Is there a schedule showing days off from school? A paper school calendar is sent home monthly.  A yearly calendar is also available on the RP website. Go to the RP website and click on View Full Calendar under the Upcoming Events in the lower right hand corner. Calendars for the following year can be found on the district website at .  Most schoolwide communications/notes/flyers will be sent home electronically via Blackboard, so always check that source for instant and up to date information.

    Is Summer School available for my student? Summer school sessions for elementary students begin each year in June. For more information, go to and then choose the Summer School page in the Schools and Staff section / Academic Programs. Summer school is by invitation only based on student performance. Only those students that are below grade level standards are invited. If students meet the academic eligibility requirements, there is no cost for the program.

    What are Regency Place’s school hours? At 8:00, students are free to enter the building and head to the gym for supervision, until the first bells ring, at 8:10 and 8:15. Teachers expect students to be seated and ready to learn by 8:20. Arriving after 8:20 is considered tardy. Dismissal is daily at 3:40.

    Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    When can I drop my child off in the morning? Since school officially begins at 8:20 a.m., students should arrive between 8:00-8:15 a.m. Students who must arrive prior to 8:00 a.m. are not supervised and must sit in the foyer until the gym opens at 8:00 for formal supervision. All students that arrive during 8:00-8:15 will head in the gymnasium. Students may go directly to the classrooms after the 8:10 and 8:15 bells. Parents/guardians will be contacted if their child is not following these RP behavior expectations.

    Does the school have before and after school care? Yes, Johnson County Parks and Recreation provides these services if needed before school (7:00 a.m. until 8:15 a.m.) and after school (3:40 until 6:00 p.m.). Parents should contact them directly to sign up for the program – 913-831-3359.

    Can I get a list of all students in my child’s class? One free student directory will be sent home with each family during fall conferences. These directories include full class lists and home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, if provided, for each family.

    Who do I contact for student absences or if I need to take my student to an appointment and they will miss part of the school day? If a student must miss school or be late, please call the office (780-7620) by 9:00 a.m. to report the absence. Voicemail will take your message prior to 8:00 a.m. There is also a link on the home page of the RP website to make reporting an absence easy. Assignments can be sent home with a sibling or another student.

    photo of the front of Regency Place Elementary Please refer to Parent Information Folder handed out at Enrollment for additional information.

    Also, please remember to read the weekly e-mail blurbs “RP FRIDAY FACTS” sent out via Blackboard from Mr. Oborny.

    Welcome to Regency Place! We value your partnership!