Learn About the Choices Program

  • Choices is an Alternative Education Program that serves high school juniors and seniors who are behind on the required credits for graduating and are seeking to earn a diploma. The Choices program is designed with a half-day session. The morning program runs 9:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Choices offers a small classroom setting. A student can take his or her core and recovery classes through direct one-on-one instruction or online courses. Students struggling to earn credits at their home school may be referred to Choices as an option to help them achieve their gradation goals in an alternative setting.

    Students enrolled in Choices also participate in a Work Study program. Students are encouraged to work a part time job. In order to earn a .5 semester credit, students will be required to work at least 140 hours.

    Students enrolled in Choices are required to maintain regular attendance, complete daily course work, and complete a determined percentage of their online courses each week. Failure to complete course work and maintain regular attendance will result in a meeting with the Choices teachers, administration and parents/guardian to determine if continued enrollment in Choices is the best option for the student. If it is determined that Choices is not the best option for the student, they will return to their home school.

    A perspective Choices student can apply for the Choices program through their home school counselor. After the application is received at Mill Creek Campus, a meeting is set up with the student, parent/guardian, Choices teachers, and administration to determine if the student is an appropriate fit for the Choices program. Not all students are accepted into the Choices program.

    How to apply:

    A student can apply for the Choices program via his or her home school counselor. After the application is received, a Choices support staff will set up an interview with the student and parent to complete the process.

    Not all students are accepted.