Yearbook Class Information

  • Mission Statement

    Yearbook empowers students to apply critical thinking, teamwork, technology, and communication skills necessary for future challenges.

    So, You Want to be a Student Journalist

    What is yearbook, and how will it help me in the future? Yearbook is a year-long course designed to produced the student publication known as the Talon. Students write copy, edit copy, design layouts, andexplore graphic design throughout the year. In the process of creating the yearbook, students learn basic principles of journalism as well as study the business aspect of journalism. Students will use a desktop publishing program, such as In Design, to create pages and will utilize Photoshop and Microsoft Office applications. Yearbook is a time-oriented production class, so the ability to organize yourself and meet deadlines is critical to success. This course fulfills the one credit requirement of applied communication under Communications in the program planning guide. An application must be submitted in order to be considered for enrollment.

    Journalism Kids Do Better

    “Although it is important to be careful drawing conclusions on cause and effect, there is a body of research that provides data that show students who participate in journalism programs do better on testing and college language arts courses. In Journalism Kids Do Better, written by John Dvorak, Larry Lain, and Tom Dickson in 1994, research results indicated journalism students tend to score higher on the language arts portion of the ACT test, earn higher grades and succeed in college composition courses at higher levels than non-journalism students. Copies of this report are available from the Journalism Education Association.” — Pat Graff,

    21st Century Program

    Professional Careers Academy (PCA)

    Yearbook is under the Communication Arts Concentration of PCA. Communication and leadership are essential in a professional career. This 21st Century Academy integrates state and national standards, current knowledge and academic skills in research, ethical decision-making, communications, leadership, service learning, and legal issues. PCA provides a competitive edge in achieving professional goals through rigorous academic and real world experiences.

    Student Perspective

    Yearbook is a great way to meet new people, and it's awesome to be a part of something everyone looks forward to. It's a good idea to take yearbook if you're interested in a career in journalism. Yearbook is an amazing opportunity to be a part of your school's history and learn important life skills. — Christen Olmedo

    Will Yearbook Help Me in College?

    Graduates of the program have majored in journalism, business, art, education, engineering, computer studies, law, and more. Yearbook teaches more than how to publish a book.

    Students will

    • Learn the skills of effective written, verbal, and visual communication.
    • Apply current technology as it is used in professional journalism careers.
    • Access, research, process, and evaluate information; and they will communicate their understanding in a variety of ways.
    • Develop a respect for the ethical responsibilities, legal limitations, and constitutional freedoms of the journalist.
    • Acquire knowledge and demonstrate skills by thinking creatively, solving problems, and communicating effectively through active participation in individual and cooperative group activities.

    How Do I Apply?

    Applications are accepted during spring pre-enrollment. Applications may be downloaded here in PDF format, obtained from Mr. Glenn or your school counselor. The application process is a competitive process. Students are notified by May if they are accepted. Selections are based on grades, teacher recommendations, and a personal essay. Professional Careers Academy applications are available on the Olathe South website.