Welcome to ONW Raven Theatre

  • The theatre department at Northwest is proud to celebrate 10 years of successful theatre.

    Since 2003, hundreds of students have been inducted into International Thespian Society Troupe #6685, reciting a theatre artist’s pledge during our annual end-of-year Thespian Banquet. However, inductees are not the only ones who can work on productions; participation is open to the entire school.

    The department normally produces three mainstage shows: a fall musical, a winter drama or comedy, and a spring drama or comedy. There is also a Raven Repertory Theatre production and a separate production experience for the freshmen and sophomores.

    Our department prides itself in creating theatre as an opportunity where actors contribute by working on crew and technicians often choose to act or assistant direct.

    Robin Murphy has been the theatre director, teacher and Thespian Troupe sponsor since ONW opened its doors. The choral music teacher, Pam Williamson, plays a significant role in the department’s musicals by directing the vocals and the orchestra pit. Other adult professionals often assist in technical direction, choreography, set construction, lighting design and sound engineering.

    Theatre is a basic introduction to the fundamentals of the on- and offstage world of theatre. After completing Theatre, students can enroll in Acting One and Two, in which the finer techniques of acting are the focus. Technical Theater, both I and II, offer another opportunity. Students learn and gain practice in the different areas of theatre design, technical theatre and management. Finally, advanced and serious theatre students who have already completed some prerequisite courses can take Repertory Theatre. Rep students do scene-work and produce a play throughout the year.

    All classes are taught by Robin Murphy.

Director of Theatre

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Robin Murphy