Personal Devices on the District Network

  • All high school students in the Olathe Public Schools are invited to bring a personal technology device (laptop, iPad, tablet, etc.) and connect to the district's network for internet access. This is a voluntary option for students and is not required.

    This initiative is being provided to expand opportunities for students to extend their learning at any time throughout the school day.

    Student Responsibility:

    The opportunity for a student to use his or her own device and connect to the district network is exciting and the district welcomes students to bring their own device. However, the responsibility for keeping all personal devices secure and free from damage rests with its individual owner. The Olathe Public Schools is not liable for any device stolen or damaged due to oversight while under the individual owner's possession.

    Connecting Personal Devices to the OPS233 Network

    NOTE: These instructions apply only to district staff and high school students who have a building technician available to help them. If you experience any difficulties or challenges, please submit a School Dude work order.

    Getting Connected

    1. Connect to the “OPS233” Wifi SSID.
    2. When prompted enter your network/Microsoft username and password
    3. You may be prompted the first time in to trust the certificate for our Authentication servers (NPS-1, NPS-2, NPS-3, NPS-4 or ISE1). It is safe, and necessary to trust these.
      • On some devices, such as Android OS’s, some additional info may need to be specified in order to connect properly. Here is some other info you may need to know to establish this connection first time in:
        • Network or Security Type: 802.1x EAP or 802.1x Enterprise
        • EAP Method: PEAP (aka Microsoft Protected EAP)
        • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2 (aka Secured Password EAP-MSCHAP-V2)
        • CA Certificate: Unspecified or Do not validate
        • User Certificate: Unspecified

    On Android Devices

    Put username in the Identity field. Leave the Anonymous Identity field blank. Enter your password in the Password field.

    Checking for Success

    • If successful, you will connect, and your personal device will have an IP address in the range of 10.X.160.1 through 10.X.167.254
    • Additionally, if working correctly, your access to the Internet via web filtering will be appropriate for your level as a staff member or high school student.
    • To verify, browse to from your personal device’s web browser. On the ensuing “Web Page Blocked” message, under “User:”, your username should be listed. This is an indication that the web filters recognize you and will provide the appropriate elevated access.


    • When your district/network password expires (by default, every 90 days) or when it has been changed, you will need to reconnect to OPS233 and provide you new/updated password.
    • Do not connect any district provided devices (1:1 or otherwise) using this method. Technology provides and manages a different method for district-owned equipment to connect, ensuring highest priority access to district and Internet resources. Providing a username and password to connect with on a district device will place it into the personal device network which has several limitations.