No Child Left Behind: Parents' Right to Know Notification

  • The federal No Child Left Behind law requires school districts to make information available to parents about teacher qualifications. The Olathe Public Schools are proud to inform parents that all teachers in our schools meet the state's requirements for certification, which includes a bachelor's degree in education. In addition, many teachers in our schools have earned their master's degrees in education. The teacher aides working in our schools with the Title I classes also meet the federal "highly qualified" guidelines.

    A teacher might not yet meet the "highly qualified" designation because of one of these reasons:

    • He/she has moved here from another state and is teaching under provisional status, pending final paperwork from the state of Kansas that certifies he/she have fulfilled all of the requirements of teaching in Kansas.
    • He/she is adding an endorsement area, but has completed only a portion of the university coursework required for the new endorsement, and is teaching courses in the new area under provisional status for which the state has waived licensing criteria while the teacher finishes the required coursework.

    For those teachers affected by one of these situations, the district and the teacher have an action plan in place to reach "highly qualified" status as soon as possible. In the event that a student is taught for four continuous weeks by a teacher who does not meet the federal "highly qualified" definition, the child's parent(s) will be notified.

    Parents may also request specific information about the certification areas and education degrees of their student's teachers. Anyone with questions about the No Child Left Behind law or how it affects students should not hesitate to contact their school principal.