Frequently Asked Questions about the District

  • Bus Transportation

    photo of a school bus with stop sign extended Can my child ride the bus to school? Free bus service is available to students living 2.5 miles or more from their school of residence. Bus service may be available to students living less than 2.5 miles from their school of residence on a pay-to-ride basis. Visit the bus transportation webpage for payride service guidelines. Questions about busing can be directed to DS Bus Lines, 913-361-7400.


    What is the schedule of holidays and breaks? The school calendar on this website shows the days when students will be out of school. Go to the About Us section and choose Calendars.

    Code of Conduct

    What is the Code of Student Conduct? The Olathe Public Schools believes in a positive approach to discipline based on clear expectations and consequences. The Code of Student Conduct defines a clear standard of behavior essential to an effective school. This code is reviewed annually and adopted by the Board of Education. It outlines expectations of student behavior and consequences for violations of the code. The booklet is made available annually to each student and family (in English and Spanish). The Code of Student Conduct contains information about the weapons policy, as well as information regarding the Kansas School Safety and Security Act and the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

    Crossing Guards

    What schools have crossing guards and where are they located? Crossing guards are provided by the cities in which schools are located. Visit the City of Olathe school safety webpage for more information or call 913-971-8624.


    What is the curriculum for my child’s grade level? Curriculum information can be found in the Academics section of the district website. You can view the curriculum after selecting the grade level. You can also call the Learning Services office at 913-780-7000 for more information.

    Driver’s Education

    When is driver’s education offered? Both after-school classes and summer sessions are offered at various schools. Read more on our driver's education webpage.


    What job opportunities are available in the district? Visit the Human Resources website for information on employment opportunities, benefits, etc.


    How do I enroll my child in the Olathe Public Schools? Enrollment for the 2023-24 school year begins July 6. You may enroll your child any time during regular school hours if you move here during the year. Go to the Enrollment page in the Parents section of our website for additional information.

    Facility Rental

    Can my organization rent a district facility? Contact the Facility Usage Department at 913-780-8196 to discuss your facility needs or visit the Facility Rental webpage in the Community section of our website.


    Where are graduation ceremonies held? Graduation ceremonies in the Olathe Public Schools are held at College Boulevard Activity Complex. In the event of inclement weather, graduations will be held in the gymnasium of Olathe Northwest High School with overflow seating in the auditorium or other areas.

    Inclement Weather (School Cancellation)

    How does the district decide to cancel school because of inclement weather? Closing school due to inclement weather is one of the most difficult decisions a superintendent makes, involving the educational needs of the students, family childcare arrangements, and transportation safety. Before making the decision, the superintendent receives data from district employees about the weather conditions across the 75 square miles of the district, in an attempt to gather the most reliable information possible. He also receives a professional weather service report by 4:30 a.m.


    Does the district offer full-day kindergarten? Full-day kindergarten programs are offered at every elementary school in the district.


    Where can I get a map of school boundaries? A limited number of coded district maps are available through the Planning Department, Operations Service Center, 1500 W. 56 Highway, Olathe, Kan., 913-780-7011. District maps can also be found on the website under About Us.

    School Hours

    What time does school begin and end? Elementary attends from 8:20 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. Middle school attends from 7:50 a.m.-3:10 p.m. High school attends from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

    Special Education

    What programs are provided for students with special needs? A number of services for students of all capabilities (gifted to mentally or physically challenged) are offered by the Special Services Department, 913-780-7006. For more information, go to the Special Education page in the Academics section of our website.


    How can I get a transcript of my student records? Anyone who graduated from an Olathe high school should complete an online request form. Those who attended but did not graduate may request a transcript by calling the Student Services Office at 913-780-8052. Read more about transcript requests.


    How can I (my organization) become a district vendor or get on the bid list? For construction projects, please contact the district Operations Service Center, 913-780-7011. For all other products and services, email Merle Hastert or call 913-780-8035.

    What grades?

    What grades attend elementary, middle school and high schools? Elementary is kindergarten through fifth grade. Middle school is sixth through eighth grade. High school is ninth through 12th grade.

    What school?

    We are new to the area. What school should my child attend? You may use the Johnson County AIMS mapping service in the About Us section on our website and enter your home address. Or you may call 913-780-7000 to learn what school your child should attend.

Frequently Called Phone Numbers

Phone Number Topic Additional Contact Info
913-780-7777 Safety Hotline - 24 hour
913-780-7979 Spanish information line
913-780-8182 Alumni association
913-780-7011 Boundary information
913-780-8082 Bus information Transportation manager
913-780-8182 Business partnerships Community Development Office
913-780-7000 Communications Department
913-302-2641 Driver education programs
913-780-7000 Enrollment information
913-780-8196 Facility rental Facility Usage Department
913-780-8231 Health forms Health coordinator
913-780-7979 Linea de informacion
913-780-7005 Lunch payments and online fees
913-780-7044 Media inquiries
913-780-8106 Parents as Teachers program
913-780-7410 Preschool screenings Heartland Early Childhood Center
913-780-7000 Realtor packets
913-780-7006 Special education services Special Services Department
913-780-8182 Student job opportunity postings Community Development Office
913-780-8052 Student records request
913-780-8213 Video productions / special requests
913-780-7046 Youth leadership opportunities