Fingerprinting Requirement

  • Fingerprinting is required for any licensed/certified employee who has never fingerprinted with the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE). Fingerprint requirements are on KSDE’s website. Olathe Public Schools provides additional fingerprinting services for licensed (certified) staff who are renewing or upgrading their licenses and have never been fingerprinted for license. 


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • I have a background check with fingerprints on file for my concealed/carry permit. Can that be used in lieu of submitting to prints?

      • No. Kansas state departments are not authorized to share the results from one state department to another state department.
    • I have a recent fingerprint check for adoption proceedings. Will that count?

      • No, see above.
    • If I had fingerprinting for a previous license is that sufficient?

      • Yes. This new rule only applies to people licensed by KSDE who received their licenses prior to the fingerprinting requirement.


    The renewal process for certified teaching licenses is handled through Human Resources. Contact Lori Busing with questions; 913-780-8109.

    If you are within six months of your license renewal and need fingerprinting, please contact Lori Busing. Fingerprinting will be at the Education Center in Human Resources by appointment only. Lori Busing can be reached at 913-780-8109, district direct number 5001-8109, or All questions about renewing licensure should be directed to Lori Busing. Copies of licenses should be sent either directly to Lori in Human Resources or to Lori through