Sept. 17 Meeting Questions and Feedback

  • Cedar Creek Elementary Community Boundary Meeting
    on Canyon Creek Elementary Boundaries

    6:30 p.m. Sept. 17, 2018

    Attendees: 38 adults, two kids, six district staff/BOE (Brent McCune, Liz Harrison, Jim McMullen, Tim Reves, Chris Gralapp, Maggie Kolb)


    CC: Cedar Creek Elementary
    CY: Canyon Creek Elementary
    MT: Mission Trail Middle School
    PRT: Prairie Trail Middle School
    ST: Summit Trail Middle School
    OW: Olathe West High School
    ONW: Olathe Northwest High School
    K-10: Kansas 10 Highway
    K-5: Grades kindergarten through fifth


    • How do you plot your growth in the future? Why are some years growing more than others? The Olathe School District uses an estimating technique called modified cohort survival. This technique uses historical grade promotion rates (how many students at a specific elementary school move from one grade to the next) and modifies it based on live birth data and building permits. The differences in growth numbers can come from changes in the number of live births (2013, 1,990 babies were born to parents living in the city of Olathe and in 2016 only 1,889 kids were born), changes in new housing construction (2016, 96 homes built and in 2019 estimating 71 homes), or a larger than normal grade leaving a building (this year’s fifthh grade is at 121 students, other grades average 105 students).
    • If a fifth-grader stays at CC, will they be able to go MT/OW or will they go PRT/ONW? If a fifth-grader is in the CY attendance area and stays at CC on transfer, we would work with that family on a parent-initiated transfer to stay with peers in the MT/OW feeder. For other students, if they currently live south of K-10, they are in the MT/OW boundary. Students north of K-10 would attend PRT/ONW.
    • What elementary schools feed into Summit Trail? Millbrooke Elementary, Ravenwood Elementary, Fairview Elementary.
    • If a student currently goes to CC and then if they go to MT/OW, is transportation provided? Transportation to MT will be provided for one transitional year and will then be reviewed.
    • What is the ideal number of students at a middle school and at an elementary school? The ideal target range for elementary school is 400-500 students and the ideal target range for middle school is 650-750 students.
    • Currently Canyon Creek is an area of choice, if you are in CC proper and move to CY, does that become an area of choice? The district is currently reviewing this and will share a concept with that information at the Oct. 20 meeting.
    • If Boundary Option 2 were to come into play, would the Cedar Creek area going to CY become a PRT feeding school or an MT feeding school? We received quite a bit of feedback suggesting that CC area going to CY become a permanent PRT feeder. The district is currently reviewing this and will share a concept with that information at the Oct. 20 meeting.
    • Is there concern with CY starting at a lower number in Boundary Option 1? We are always cognizant of the opening size of a building and making sure we are being good stewards of taxpayer dollars with facility utilization. However, another important number is the five-year projection for the building to see how growth will impact both schools.
    • Boundary Option 1 for parents with kids that aren’t in school yet, do you ever offer choice for elementary schools? No. Areas of choice at the elementary level have not been done in district history.
    • Do you anticipate building any more elementary, middle and high schools in the district? As the district continues to grow, we will continue to monitor growth and will continue to provide schools as necessary to meet the needs of students.
    • Do you take future schools into consideration when you develop boundaries? Yes.
    • How many kids in Cedar Creek proper? K-5, there are 75-85 kids, yearly.
    • Do you see Cedar Creek proper growing or declining? Our numbers show it staying consistent in the 75-85 range for K-5.
    • How many current Cedar Creek students live north of K-10? K-5 there are 220.
    • Will the student/teacher ratio be the same at either school? Yes, we follow the same district staffing guidelines at each of our elementary schools.
    • Do you feel that these concepts are both viable options? They are both viable options that each provide enrollment relief to CC.
    • Is it possible that if you moved forward with Boundary Option 1, could you adjust the feeder school so all of the feeder would go PRT/ONW route instead of the people who live south of K-10 having to go to MT and OW? The district is currently reviewing this and will share a concept with that information at the Oct. 20 meeting.


    • Concern that one area of a neighborhood with Boundary Option 2 would send kids to an elementary school, middle and high school farther away from their house than other schools.
    • Boundary Option 1 makes more sense because K-10 is an easy split with middle and high school and natural barrier.
    • Boundary Option 1 balances out the numbers as well.
    • Odd arrangement for kids in Cedar Creek proper because of the middle school split later, then high school of choice.
    • Boundary Option 2 isn’t going to pass with the residents of Cedar Creek proper.
    • I think it’s unfair to move kids to fill a number at CY. I think Boundary Option 1 makes sense. It’s cut and dry.
    • Cedar Creek proper concern with leaving CC and going north of K-10 to school.
    • I live in Cedar Creek proper and I don’t care where my kids go as long as the numbers stay low in the school and the school is good.
    • As long as Prairie Brooke is in CC, that is what I want to have.