• Handbook Highlight - Grading Policy

    Students grades for band are cumulative per semester. Students earn points toward their cumulative semester grade in the following ways:

    • Performances (Concerts/Football Games/Parades/Competitions/Festivals/Etc) – 100 Points Each
      • Students receive points for being punctual, wearing the proper attire/required uniform, performance, and behavior.
    • Daily Rehearsals, graded weekly - 5-10 points each
    • 7AM Rehearsals (Marching Band Only) - 5-10 points each
    • Playing Tests/Scales Tests – 15-25 points each
    • Sectionals/Additional Rehearsals – 10-25 points each
    • Written Assignments - 20-25 points each
    • Band Clinics/Clinician-lead Rehearsal – 50 points each
    • Final Exams – 100 point each
    • Post-Concert Reflections - 25 points each (complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling)

    Students earn and keep their full points by demonstrating our Student Expectations at all rehearsals, performances, and events. Points listed above are subject to change.

  • Handbook Highlight - Communication

    We do as much as we can to make sure families stay up-to-date with the Olathe West Band.
    To make sure everyone receives up-to-date information, we share information in the following ways:

    • Emailed in weekly “Band Notes”
    • Posted on our website under the tab, “Band Notes"
    • Weekly agenda posted in GroupMe & Social Media
    • Projected on our screen in a daily Keynote presentation
    • Handwritten on the right side of our whiteboard
    • In-class verbal reminders

    Please reach out to us if you’re having an issue with any of the above communication options.

  • Handbook Highlight - Performance Attire

    Concert Black – Concert Black means concert attire/dress clothes that are ALL BLACK and is not provided by the Olathe West Band. Concert Black means everything worn is completely, solid black. Men should wear black socks/dress shoes, long-sleeved black dress shirt with black buttons, black dress pants with a black belt, and a black undershirt. Ladies may wear a solid black dress, skirt & long-sleeved black dress shirt or blouse, or long-sleeved black dress shirt/blouse with black dress slacks. Ladies should also wear black shoes. If a skirt or dress is worn, the hem must be modest in length (at or below the knee) with solid black tights. Sleeves must be long (no bare shoulders or “spaghetti” straps) and necklines also modest.

    Band Polo Shirt & Jeans– The Band Polo Shirt & Jeans is one of the band uniforms for ALL band students (marching/ concert/jazz) - it is worn at a variety of less-formal performances. The cost of the polo shirt is paid by each student’s Band Fee. This is its own uniform and is NOT an appropriate option for Concert Black.

    Marching Band Uniform – This includes the Marching Band coat, pants, hat (shako), gauntlets, citation cord, plume, long black socks, black marching shoes, and required under-the-uniform shorts & shirt. Woodwind and brass players also wear black gloves. Students provide their own long, totally black socks with no visible logos (knee-high is recommended, crew-length minimum - NO ankle socks). Students must be wearing their uniform shorts & shirt, black shoes, and black socks before they will be allowed to check out a uniform prior to marching band performances. Students must demonstrate that they have hung their uniform up properly in their garment bag before being allowed to check in their uniform after marching band performances.

    Important note – the marching band uniform is either all on, or all off – there is no in-between. Respect for one’s uniform shows respect for ones self, the band, our school, and our Olathe West community.

    Uniform Cleaning – The Marching Band Uniforms remain in the Olathe West Band Uniform Closet and will be professionally dry-cleaned after the marching band season ends.