Meet the Electrathon Team Members

  • Coach

    Andrew Edmondson has coached ONW Electrathon for six years. He received his degree in chemistry at The University of Kansas and is now the freshman Engineering teacher and department chair in the Engineering Academy at Olathe Northwest. He enjoys reading, traveling and astronomy.

    Lead Mechanical

    Shannon J. is a senior this year. She is the lead mechanical and this is her second year on the team. She wants to be a civil structural engineer though mechanical engineer is a hobby. She is planning to attend the University of Kansas School of Engineering. In school she is also heavily involved with the student naturalist class and club. In her free time she enjoys painting, sculpture and playing with her cats.

    Lead Design

    Tommy is a senior at Olathe Northwest High School. He is the chief of design and this is his second year on the Electrathon team. He plans to study a currently undetermined field of engineering at a currently undetermined university. In his free time he can be found on the tennis court batting a few rounds with his pals.

    Lead Electrical

    Justin is a senior at Olathe Northwest, and this is his second year on the team. He spends most of his free time working on the cars. When he is not working on the cars, he is working for his dad as a trim carpenter. He likes to go hunting and fishing.

    Financial Manager

    Conrad is a senior at Olathe Northwest. Conrad is currently training to be a commercial pilot, but he enjoys other hobbies such as dirt biking and racing. Conrad joined Electrathon because he loves working on cars and thinks of the program as a very concrete first step in the mechanical field. Conrad loves racing (especially rally) and grew up wanting to be a pilot or a race car driver.


    Shannon M. is a junior at Northwest and is excited to be a part of and learn from the Electrathon team. Shannon hopes to be a mechanical or chemical engineer, but still likes to learn about other engineering and STEM related fields. She joined Electrathon because she was introduced by her friends and interested in becoming a part of it. Outside of Electrathon she participates in orchestra as a violinist, theatre, and Girl Scouts.

    Andy is a junior at Olathe Northwest High School. He plans to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. He joined Electrathon because it is a good engineering experience. In his spare time he passes his time building models and is part of the Cyberpatriots team of ONW.

    Einar is a junior at Olathe Northwest. After high school, he plans on studying architecture. He joined Electrathon to enhance his teamwork and communication skills. He hopes to have his own architectural business in his future and hope that this program helps him learn how to have good relationships with professionals in different fields. He also has an interest in cars.


    Devon is currently a senior at Olathe Northwest. Devon hopes to attend the United States Military Academy, and also wants to attend law school. Devon joined Electrathon because he enjoys working on cars and wanted to learn more about how different mechanical systems work within a vehicle. In his free time Devon also enjoys reading and playing music.

    Steven is a junior at Olathe Northwest High School. This is his first year on the Electrathon team. Overall, Steven looks forward to solidifying his knowledge of vehicles and their production as well as gain experience with the design aspect of building automotive vehicles. After high school, he plans to pursue a degree in automotive design.

    Electrical / Instrumentation

    Hunter is a junior at Olathe Northwest. He hopes to pursue a mechanical degree with a minor in electrical engineering from Kansas State University. He has been on the volunteer team for two years and this is will be his first year on the team. He joined Electrathon to make a competitive car that is able to compete with others on the track.

    Samuel, who goes by Sam, is a senior at Olathe Northwest High School. He wants to pursue a degree in computer engineering and business management after graduation. He is a part of the electrical sub-team of Electrathon team. Other than Electrathon, he is involved in cross country and a youth group.


    Jackson is a senior at Olathe Northwest. Aside from Electrathon, he is also a member of the school orchestra, an Eagle Scout, and small business owner. Jackson aspires to a career in civil engineering and joined Electrathon in hopes it will be a step on the right path towards his career. He is planning on attending Kansas State University in fall of 2018.

    Zach is a junior at Olathe Northwest High School. He likes to work with aircraft and is always trying to better understand aerodynamics and flight physiology. He hopes to get into the Air Force Academy where he would get a degree in aerospace engineering. He joined Electrathon to better himself in team problem solving, getting hands on experience with machines, and better learning the effects of the airflow of an automobile.

    Umera is a senior a Olathe Northwest. This is her first year in Electrathon. She hopes to be get a degree in mechanical engineering technology. Umera joined Electrathon to have more experience and further her knowledge with engineering, specifically automotive engineering. Outside of Electrathon, Umera enjoys playing tennis and spending time with family and friends.