H.E.L.P. Clinic

  • The H.E.L.P. Clinic's goal is to support Olathe parents and students with the education and training opportunities that will have a positive impact on the quality of a student's educational experiences and life, and Help Each Live Productively.

    Any situation that causes an interruption in the learning process is a serious educational concern. Students who are finding school difficult because of poor study skills, adjustment concerns, or relationships with others can find help through the clinic. Parents who want to learn more effective ways of encouraging and motivating children in school can also turn to the clinic.

    The H.E.L.P. Clinic is a service provided by the Olathe Public Schools. All services are free of charge to any student enrolled in the Olathe Public Schools, either in a remote environment or onsite.

    • Individual and family counseling consists of short-term counseling (six sessions) for students and their families.
    • Small group counseling with other grade-level or near grade-level peers serve those who would thrive learning and growing from a group structure. Groups would meet for six sessions. Third quarter 2023-24 sessions include Middle School Social Skills, Third-Fifth Grade Social Skills, Girls' Middle School Group, Middle School Anxiety, Third-Fifth Grade Anxiety, High School Healing Through Creative Writing. See the calendar below for dates and times, then sign up online.
    • Play therapy is a technique where the child's natural means of expression, namely play, is used as a therapeutic method to assist him/her in coping with stress or life difficulties. Play therapy is used effectively at the H.E.L.P. Clinic with children ages 5 to 8 years old. Play therapy may not be used with every child and is available on a limited basis.

    The H.E.L.P. Clinic is staffed by professional school counselors, school psychologists, social workers and other school-based mental health providers. All clinicians are Olathe Public Schools employees or retired employees who have an active license in school mental health. These accredited and experienced professionals have a sincere interest in assisting students and families to better deal with challenges that impact students' abilities to achieve educational success.

    Enrollment information is available in the brochure mentioned above.

    The clinic is located in the Mill Creek Campus, 300 E. Loula Street, Olathe, Kansas. The phone number is 913-780-7049 and the email is HelpClinic@olatheschools.org.

H.E.L.P. Clinic Programs