2022 TSA State Conference Results

  • April 4, 2022 - Congratulations to the following Technology Student Association (TSA) members on their results from last week’s TSA State Conference in Salina!

    From Olathe East:

    Computer Aided Design (CAD), Architecture

    • State Champ and National Qualifier: Grace Neperud
    • 2nd Place and National Qualifier: Isaac Smith
    • 3rd Place: Carter Salacz Plantz
    • 5th Place: Skylar Arlotti

    Architectural Design (Team Event)

    • 3rd Place and National Qualifiers: Hazel Dawbarn, Nikita Hanov, Isaac Smith

    Fashion Design and Technology (Team Event)

    • 3rd Place and National Qualifiers: Emerson Burgett, Hazel Dawbarn, Eleanor Newman

    Promotional Design

    • 5th Place: Sara Macoubrie


    From Olathe North

    Future Engineering/Technology Teacher

    • 1st Place: Aarushi Pore

    Extemporaneous Speech

    • 2nd Place: Aarushi Pore

    Technology Bowl

    • 2nd Place: Aarushi Poer, Anshika Kapoor, Arya Vilandai

    Debating Technological Issues

    • 3rd Place: Aarushi Pore, Anshika Kapoor

    Children's Stories

    • 5th Place: Anshika Kapoor, Arya Vilandai