Systemwide Online Learning Expectations

  • The expectations for the Olathe Public Schools staff during Systemwide Online Learning includes the following:

    1. Follow the guidelines in the Olathe Public Schools Instructional Plan. Please note updates have been made to this document since you received a printed copy in September 2020. Please refer to the online document for the most up-to-date information.

    2. Use Synergy as the starting point for students to access all class resources and links to additional sites (e.g., content, videos, handouts, notes, Nearpod, etc...) from within the teacher's LMS. Please note this is called the Class Website in ParentVUE and StudentVUE.

    3. Ensure directions on the LMS are clear and concise and are easily implemented by students, families, or caregivers.

    4. Teachers will review expectations with students for StudentVUE (e.g., accessing Zoom link, access class resources, submit work).

    5. Review the outlined expectations below and ensure they are implemented for consistency for our students/families. Request support from Learning Services, if needed.


    *This information does not pertain to students/families that chose Remote Learning during enrollment.*


OPS Checklists for Consistency

  • Below are general guidelines for consistency for the Olathe Public Schools that will be in place whether we are In-Person, Hybrid, or in Systemwide Online Learning. Underneath each topic is a checklist.

    How do I use the checklist as a teacher?

    The checklist is intended to ensure there is a guaranteed and viable experience for all students in the Olathe Public Schools. It also ensures a common vocabulary.

    How do I use the checklist as a parent?

    A parent can access this information to understand the guaranteed and viable experiences and expectations in the Olathe Public Schools.


Last Modified on January 12, 2021