Who is eligible to apply?

  • Middle and High school CTE instructors, counselors and administrators may apply for up to two one-week externships per summer. Each one-week externship must be completed at two different business locations in order to qualify. NOTE: Individuals who have participated in three previous externships (of any type) are no longer eligible to apply.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants are expected to secure their own externship placements. If you have an interest in placement in one of the following businesses/organizations, please contact Barbra Gonzales for a list of the point of contact. These companies have requested direct contact with a specific liaison within their business. All other business contacts are at the discretion of the applicant to contact.

    • Black & Veatch
    • City of Olathe
    • Farmers
    • Garmin
    • John Deere
    • Olathe Chamber of Commerce
    • Olathe Health Systems
    • TVH


    Verification of placement is required at the time of application by completing the Externship Site Placement Information on the online application.  Typically, applicants may not participate in an externship at a business owned or operated by any immediate family member.   

    Specific outcomes, such as incorporation into curriculum and professional development to other instructors, must be developed and documented on the application. 
    Upon acceptance and completion of the externship, each applicant will provide documentation of the externship and written materials addressing the outcomes stated within the application to Barbra Gonzales, Career & Technical Education Coordinator. 
    Stipends will be distributed on the August 30 or September 15 payroll distribution, and following the verification of externship employment.  Should you not fulfill the requirements of the externship in its entirety, the stipend will be prorated according to time spent at the externship site.   Stipends are considered taxable income. 
    This externship is not intended to replace summer employment, and the extern may not accept pay from any other source during the dates and hours of employment of the externship. 

    Be prepared to answer the following questions on the online application: 

    • Externship Site Placement information: Name of company; business address & phone; name of contact; contact email; dates of externship; hours of externship. 
    • Based on your professional experience, why do you have a particular interest in the occupations that you selected? 
    • Describe the importance of this externship to your current job assignment. 
    • What are your expected outcomes of this externship? 
    • Explain projects or work sequences (areas) that you will be involved with during your externship. 
    • How will this externship benefit your students, educational institution, and community?  Please address each separately. 

Application Timeline

  • Applications Accepted: Feb. 1 through April 15

    Applications Due: April 15

    Acceptance Notifications: April 30

    Mandatory Orientation: May (exact date TBD)

    Externship Work Period: All externships must occur during non-contract hours/days only between June 1 of given year and July 31 of given year. A minimum of 40 hours per week is required. Externs working less than 40 hours per week will receive prorated pay for the number of hours actually worked. Stipend is $124 per day, not to exceed $620 per week.

    Externship Reports Due: Aug. 5 of given year

Online Application Form

  • To apply for an Educator Externship for Summer 2020, complete this Olathe Summer Educator Externship Form.

    *The application asks for the hosting business partner contact information. Before completing the application, the applying educator needs to contact a local business to set up the externship opportunity.