Creating a Pathway Improvement Plan

  • The information needed to create a quality CTE Pathway Improvement Plan is organized into four components - partnerships, physical environment, professional development, and instructional strategies. The improvement plan will become part of the Career Pathway Program of Study Application (CPPSA) and updated annually. 

    This power point on Creating a Quality Pathway Improvement Plan walks teachers step-by-step through the process using SMART goals. (Note: the file link is only accessible by Olathe Public Schools staff). 

    The Quality Pathway Improvement Plan Rubric (link in Resources section below) can be used as a tool to determine where a pathway is presently and offer guidance toward creating a quality CTE experience.

Pathway SMART Goals

  • SMART goals clip art As the improvement plan is developed, it should include S.M.A.R.T. goals that focus on each pathway specifically and include goals to improve the quality of the pathway. The SMART goal plans should be dynamic documents that help drive your program forward.

    The final goals for the improvement plan should cover a minimum of three years showing improvement of the pathway. The SMART goals for Pathway Improvement should be reviewed annually by staff and advisory board members.

Goals - 3 Year Example

Year Action
Year 1 Through an analysis of the shop inventory and industry need, it was determined the equipment tool to student ratio needed improvement. A three year implementation plan was developed. Five XYZ digital multi-meters drills will be purchased to improve the tool to student ratio.
Year 2 Five additional XYZ digital multi-meters be purchased and instructor will attend professional development to learn more about the use of the multi-meters.
Year 3 Purchase a lockable storage unit for storage of the meters. Other equipment will be identified and purchased to both update and improve the student to tool ratio.

Final Thoughts

This same goal setting procedure would be needed for each of the improvement plan parameters — Physical Environment, Instructional Strategies, Professional Development and Partnerships and reflected in the CPPSA improvement plan.