Future Educators Academy Attends the Educators Rising Regional Conference

  • November, 2021 - Educators Rising is an organization that aims to develop highly skilled educators by helping to guide high school and college students into their teaching careers. The Future Educators Academy at Olathe East attended the 8th Annual Educators Rising Regional Conference in November, 2021. Students had the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions, compete and network.

    A few of the Olathe students participated in the competition. The following students placed and have qualified to compete at the state conference in February 2022:

    • Payten Mayfield and Claire Heigele, 1st place (with a PERFECT SCORE) - Interactive Bulletin Board
    • Annabelle Konen, 1st place - Exploring Admin Careers
    • Clarissa Worley, 1st place - Lesson Planning and Delivery: CTE 
    • Hannah Connelly and Cherilyn Hernandez-Vara, 1st place - Ethical Dilemma
    • Katelyn Eastman, Annabelle Konen, Brooke Wetterstrom, Clarissa Worley, 2nd place - Inside Our Schools
    • Cherilyn Hernandez-Vara, 1st place - Ed Rising Moment 


Public Safety Academy Partners with FEMA Preparedness

  • November 30, 2021 - In the Spring of 2021, eight Public Safety Academy seniors were mentored and provided an internship experience with Preparedness Officer Linda Davis and Community Liaison Ryan Lowry-Lee of the FEMA Region 7 Preparedness Division.  The internship goal was two-fold; for the seniors to learn about preparedness and then to extend that learning by teaching the material to other Olathe School District students. To meet this goal, the seniors developed new lesson plans and delivered them to middle schoolers.

    The curriculum developed by the 2021 seniors included:

       “Tornado” – Basics of a Tornado, Steps to Prepare, Knowing the Signs of a Tornado, Watch vs Warning, What to do during a Tornado and Steps to Take After a Tornado Occurs/Potential Hazards.

       “Fire” – Common Causes of House Fires, Safe Response to House Fires, House Fire Prevention and How to Make and Plan a Fire Escape Plan

       “Floods” – What is a Flood, Dangers, Warning Signs, Prepare, What to Do, and an interactive map to find the flood potential at your home

       "Culminating Lesson" - A Review of the Tornado, Fire and Floods lessons


    Jeff Van Dyke, Public Safety Academy instructor at Olathe West, wrote about this partnership between the Public Safety Academy and FEMA Preparedness Region 7 in an article for the FEMA Region 7 online newsletter.

    Read Jeff Van Dyke's article.

OATC Avionic & Electronic Technology Students Attend the HTM Mixer


    Novermber 12, 2021 - Students enrolled in OATC’s Avionics and Electronics Technology were invited to attend the Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Mixer by UKMC. The mixer showcased vendors from across the country exhibiting technology and equipment used in the medical field. Students had the opportunity to visit with the vendors to network and learn about the technology, equipment and BioMed technology career opportunities. As the students were leaving, they were applauded and touted as the “future of BioMed Technology”. TechNation, a monthly magazine for medical equipment service professionals, included a picture of the students in the HTM Mixer follow-up article.

    Electronic technicians are in high demand in just about every field: aviation, medical, communication, automation and so much more.

    Students standing in front of room.Students sitting at tables.

    Students on bus.

Olathe West Public Safety Students Pay Tribute to 9/11

  • September 10, 2021 – Olathe West Public Safety students took time to honor the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

    Every 9/11, firefighters across the country participate in a Stair Climb to pay tribute to the firefighters who did not make it out of the towers on 9/11. The Climb consists of climbing or walking the equivalent of the 110 stories of the World Trade Center. Fire Rescue Public Safety students participated in an Olathe West Stair Climb. Each student researched one of the fallen firefighters and then climbed 110 stories as a tribute to that person.

    20 Law Enforcement Public Safety students placed 2977 flags at the Johnsons County Courthouse in downtown Olathe. Each flag was placed to honor a life lost on 9/11. The flags are part of Johnson County’s 20th Anniversary commemoration of 9/11. A dedication ceremony was held on Thursday, September 9th. The flags will remain until September 13, 2021.

    Flag display in front of the Johnson County Administration Building in Olathe KansasGroup  photo of Public Safety students who placed flags

OATC Kickoff

  • September 1, 2021 - To start the year off right, Olathe Advanced Technical Center (OATC) had their annual Career and Technical Student Organization kickoff. This day is dedicated to teaching students about all the leadership opportunities they may get involved throughout the school year. These opportunities range from Student Council and Sources of Strength to SkillsUSA, FFA, HOSA, and ProStart. Students also had the opportunity to participate in team building games throughout the day, which allowed them to create new bonds with peers from our wide range of programs.

    Group of students attempting to walk on a plank of wood together.Students working as a group to pick up cups with string and rubber bands. Students sitting at tables working on notebooks.

Hire Our Own

  • April 1, 2021 ~ Future Educators Academy students at Olathe East are participating in the Olathe Schools "Hire Our Own" initiative. The goal of the initiative is to try and encourage seniors to complete their college education and return home to a job in education waiting for them in Olathe School District. Eighteen seniors have applied and received interviews with district and building administrators. Offer letters will be sent to students in late April. The program benefits for students, according to Shelley Staples; academy facilitator, "It just offers you such job security, knowing you can return home and work in a successful school district; that is a relief". Kelly Warren, the assistant facilitator added, "The kids have rigorously prepared to be a teacher, so this is an amazing opportunity for them to showcase their knowledge and skills gained from the FEA program." The Olathe School District benefits from having teachers in waiting who can help address staffing issues. "This has kind of been a goal, with the national teacher shortages, to try to encourage our students to go into education” said Cathy Donovan, Director of Staffing and Talent acquisition for the district.

    Obtain more information about Future Educators on their website.