Learn about CTE and e-Communication Academy

  • Ten of our 15 Academies have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway embedded in them. This means the courses students already take in the Academy also follow the courses required to complete a CTE Pathway.  When a student earns an Academy Endorsement by completing all the requirements they will also earn a "CTE Completer" status.  Both the Academy Endorsement and the CTE Completer status will be printed on the student's transcript.  These are great tools on the resume to show a student's accomplishments.  Additionally, CTE Completers are eligible for CTE Scholars recognition.


    Learn about the CTE Digital Medial Pathway, the CTE Graphic Design Pathway and the CTE Web and Digital Communication Pathway embedded into the e-Communication Academy. 
    Students will complete one of these pathways in the e-Communication Academy depending on the strand they choose to follow.