Learning Models

  • We have a great responsibility to provide a safe environment for our students and staff.

    The learning options for the Olathe Public Schools are based on health and education officials' recommendations and our plan prioritizes the health and safety of our community.

    Districtwide Instructional Models

    The instructional models below allow the Olathe Public Schools to respond based on COVID-19.

    • In-Person Learning: Students will learn onsite and follow Olathe’s health and safety guidelines.
    • Hybrid Learning: This schedule may be enacted if in-person learning isn’t possible and a staggered schedule is necessary to limit the number of students in our buildings. Students will learn through a blend of on-site and home learning environments utilizing a rotating schedule.
    • Systemwide Online Learning: If Olathe Public Schools is unable to continue in-person instruction, staff will use the Olathe Public Schools Instructional Plan to continue instruction in an online environment.
    • Remote Learning: A choice during enrollment for families.