Microsoft Office 365

  • Microsoft SAMR Graphic

    The graphic above contains information about the SAMR Model. Additional information about SAMR can be found in the Teaching With Technology area of our website. Click here to learn more about SAMR.

    Olathe is a Microsoft Education district which provides students and staff with a full suite of microsoft applications for classroom and personal use. 

    Click here to watch our video tutorial about accessing your Office 365 account

    Staff and students can install Microsoft software on up to five personal devices free. Click this link for student instructions on accessing the software.

    A great way for staff to access the online suite of apps is go to and log in with your full school email address and district password. You may use all the apps including Outlook email and OneDrive right from the portal without installing office on your computer. 

    To install the software on a personal device, on the upper right in the portal is a button "Install Office" which will allow staff to install the Office suite. You are licensed for installation on up to five personal devices.