• Engage and empower every voice in your classroom by recording and sharing short videos.

    What can you do with FlipGrid?

    • Create Grids and add Topics: Grids allow students to discuss a topic.
    • Students can share their ideas, work, or stories.
    • All students have a voice.
    • Families can be a part of the discussion.
    • These are just a few ideas. Click on the buttons to watch video tutorials and learn more!

    Tips for Engaging Students and Families

    • Daily video journal
    • Project demonstration
    • Fluency and phonics
    • Persuasive debate
    • Book Talks
    • Reading
    • Daily learning reflection
    • Family interview
    • Reading together
    • Socratic discussions
    • At home experiments
    • Peer feedback
    • Project presentation
    • Language learning
    • Project based learning