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Zoom FAQ

  • How to login to a Student Zoom account

  • I cannot log into the mobile Zoom client

  • 00 - Getting an error when you try to use Zoom through Synergy or Synergy app reports not available to you

  • I’m getting an error message: “Failed to start camera. Please select another video camera in settings”.

  • Can I locally record my meetings and save them to my device?

  • Can I broadcast my meeting over YouTube?

  • How do I run a poll?

  • My meeting is distorted or loses connections.

  • May I have a pro account?

  • I need to run unlimited meetings and I need to record my meeting online.

  • While we are dealing with COVID-19 I need to run meetings longer than 40 minutes.

  • If I created an account on Zoom in the past, can I use the district's Zoom resources?

  • I was holding a meeting and all of a sudden some one shared their screen which contained inappropriate pictures. How do I prevent this?