What is Nearpod?

  • Nearpod Graphic

    The graphic above contains information about the SAMR Model. Additional information about SAMR can be found in the Teaching With Technology area of our website. Click here to learn more about SAMR.

    In Olathe, we have access to an upgraded (paid) Nearpod account. Make sure to select Login with Office 365 and use your district email address and password to login.

    What is Nearpod?

    Nearpod is an instructional platform that merges formative assessment and dynamic media for collaborative learning experiences.

    What can I create with Nearpod?

    • Find or create interactive lessons in minutes
    • Assign self-paced lessons students access anytime, anywhere
    • Synchronize learning during live instruction
    • Classroom communities stay connected with collaborative activities and formative assessments like virtual reality, polls, collaborate boards, and game-based quizzes delivered through one seamless learning experience.
    • Launch lessons instantly and receive comprehensive student assessments
    • Evaluate student responses live or with post-session reports
    • Enable 100% student participation
    • Give every student a voice
    • Increase students’ access to information, ideas, and interactions with Nearpod.
    • Support and enhance their sense-making, which is central to the process of taking ownership of knowledge.
    • Get social with game-based learning.
    • Nearpod deeply integrates with your favorite Google tools — Classroom, Slides, Drive and more — to fit to how you teach.