Assessments & Certifications

Why do we have to report certifications earned by students to KSDE?

  • As a condition for Kansas to receive Perkins funding to strengthen CTE pathways, there are core indicator percentages that Kansas school districts and KSDE must meet or exceed in a federal report each year. This data is collected in Pathways at the end of each school year. One of the core indicators involves the Industry Recognized Certifications (IRC) data (K-PAC Report) where we report the students in our district who have earned a credential during the school year. This data is figured into each school's postsecondary success measure. As a school district, we are REQUIRED as part of state mandated reporting to submit a list of ALL students who have completed and passed certifications in a CTE related field.

How to Report Student Certifications

  • MANDATORY State Reporting (High School Only). 

    Please submit all student certifications earned by the deadline dates below using the designated Excel template. The template can be downloaded by clicking HERE. (This link is only accessible by Olathe Public Schools staff).

    • 1st semester Deadline: December 15
    • 2nd semester Deadline: May 10

    NOTE: Precision Exams DO NOT need to be reported using this form as they are end of course assessments and not on the KSDE K-PAC list.

    After completing the spreadsheet detail, submit to the Olathe CTE Office using this link:

Requesting Reimbursement for student certification fees

  • Buildings may request for student certification test fees to be reimbursed for students who successfully pass the industry certification. These funds are to serve students in all Career Pathways. Reimbursements will be evaluated as they are submitted, while funds are available. Priority will be given to certifications listed on the KSDE K-PAC list.

    Note for OATC: Students need to be reported with their home high school, including Millcreek and PLC students.  

    To take advantage of this opportunity follow the steps below.

    1. Download and complete the Student Certification Detail Template (must be signed in to Olathe 365 account)
    2. Submit a Certification Fee Reimbursement form using this link:  
    3. Once approved, a journal entry will be made to reimburse the building account originally used to pay for the exam fees.

    Questions? Please contact Barbra Gonzales, CTE Coordinator.